Вакансии для переводчиков и редакторов на одной площадке

Language pair: English-Japanese
Subject: Medical equipment
Rate: up to 0.05 USD per source word
If you want to participate, please, specify your work...
• Language pair: Ukrainian-English
• Task: translation and edition
• Subject: Medicine, marketing, finance, technical, legal
• Average rate...
• Language pair: Tokelauan - English
• Subject: Media translation
• Rate: 0.07 USD per source word
Language pair: English-Hakha Chin or Lai
Subject: General
Rate: 0.03 USD per source word
• Language pair: Russian-English
• Task: translation
• Specialization: Medical
• Rate:
- up to $0.03 per word - non-native speakers of English
One of the Smartcat Clients is looking for German(Switzerland) native speakers for a huge speech collection project from one of the German regions mentioned...
• Языковая пара: Русский - Английский
• Тематика: Нефтегаз
• Примерная ставка...
• Языковая пара: Английский - Русский
• Тематика: Техника
• Примерная ставка...

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