Freelance Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) Transcriber

Freelance Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) Transcriber

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SDI Media, the world's largest supplier of subtitling services for the television, cinema, video and DVD industries is currently building its pool of freelance resource for Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) transcribers.

If you are interested to be part of our pool, kindly send your CV to [HIDDEN]

Inclusion of your past media-related projects will be appreciated.

Project Information

• The work will involve listening to Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) audio or video content and typing what is said with time coding.
• The project content is popular features and TV-shows.
• The volume will be significant but not fixed yet and can easily fill in 8 hours/day .

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Must be a native speaker of Mandarin/Traditional Chinese living in Asia preferably in Taiwan or China.
• Possess a good spelling and listening skills
• Must have basic level of proficiency in English
• Must have basic computer knowledge and typing skills
• With access to a computer and a stable internet connection

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