V-TSPES58: Technical Translation of Maritime Training Video - English-Spanish (Latin American)

V-TSPES58: Technical Translation of Maritime Training Video - English-Spanish (Latin American)

Размещено: Aug 03, 2017 04:56
Our company currently provides a wealth of training material for the maritime sector in English, however with multi-lingual crews and workers at sea we wish to provide these materials in the workers’ native language – without compromising on the quality or accuracy of the training that they will receive. Our company continually produces and publishes new titles to ensure that training is relevant and always up-to-date, meaning that we require an ongoing team of reliable and accurate translators to help us deliver high-standard, multi-lingual materials. Our team of subject experts thoroughly research each topic to ensure the highest quality and accuracy is delivered through our training resources, which we require to be echoed in the target language translations.

It is vital that crew members are fully aware of not only their role but also the procedures and practises that must be carried out in the many challenging environments and situations arising at sea and we feel that providing training in their mother tongue will contribute to a fuller understanding and subsequently a safer working environment. For this reason, accuracy of translated texts cannot be compromised and the translator hired for the task must possess a high level of understanding of the subject matter to ensure that training materials are comprehensive and expertly delivered in the target language.

We require translators that understand the importance of remaining true to the source text – without omitting, adding or changing the meaning of any aspect of the text. Our subject experts across all sectors of the shipping industry have purposefully selected the correct terminology and training methods to be taught to crew, with over 40 years of experience aiding their choices in order to provide the best training. The target language materials must also contain this level of veracity in terminology. Ideally the translator will have prior experience working with technical terminology and more specifically texts within the maritime sector.

This job involves the translation of subtitles (1863 words) from English into Latin American Spanish. The subtitles will be provided in both Word format (for reference) and as an .SRT (subtitle) file. We request that the .SRT format is translated and returned in this format. More details and software instructions will be provided for translators who do not have prior experience in producing subtitles. The video relating to the script will also be provided. As well as the translation,  we also require the translator to produce a glossary of technical terms as used in the translation.

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