Need some online English/French/German/Spanish teachers

Need some online English/French/German/Spanish teachers

Размещено: Aug 03, 2017 06:08
Hi there,

Our Beijing based ESL centers (with another two branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou)  need to recruit some qualified foreign language teachers (English/French/German/Spanish) for our enrolled students.  We'll hire you here and assign you students with class plans and materials as well.

All you need is a computer/iPad with fast and stable Internet access and the passion for language teaching. The schedule is very flexible; Sometimes you can even teach your students using a cellphone (I said, sometimes)  .

If possible, please attach a class demo (voice or video) while you apply of this job.  Or you can just use your cellphone to record a short self-introduction.  We need to make sure your good pronunciation and a nice voice to listen to.

Thanks very much for your time, looking forward to working with you soon.

Ace Li

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