English to German Translator for Business Documents

English to German Translator for Business Documents

Размещено: Aug 03, 2017 09:04
Hello, I need a professional English to German translator. Our business has 1-2 page documents that need to be translated into German. These documents describe our retail technology, products and services. (Technology or retail background is preferred).

We need a translator who will type the German text and provide text for art/graphics captions. Seeking professionalism, accuracy, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and high attention to detail. Must be able to respond via EMAIL for revisions or status updates.

--> Before applying, please refer to the attached assignment:
1. "SmartDome_Solution Brief Text_Eng+German.docx"
2. Review the "Smart Sense Dwell_Brief_German.pdf" to see what our finished German documents look like and make sure we are the right fit. <--

* Please reply back with your rates and experience. * Thank you. Mai

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