Translating content for a website (English -> Polish)

Translating content for a website (English -> Polish)

Размещено: Aug 04, 2017 03:06
The task is to translate all untranslated strings (English -> Polish) in discourse project on transifex website:$/113764398?translated=no

First you must register on transifex website and join discourse project

At this moment it is 515 untranslated strings (90k characters).

A person who takes this task should know how to translate texts for web pages. There are many fields that are not translated (links, emoticons, variable names). If you are interested in this job please:
1. Estimate the hours it will take
2. Send me a private message with translation of this text.

I don’t see my name in there anywhere :frowning: Can you try mentioning me as `@%{discobot_username}` again?⏎

(And yes, my user name is spelled _disco_, as in the 1970s dance craze. I do [love the nightlife!]( :dancer:)

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