Spanish to English translation - Sales and Marketing brochures

Spanish to English translation - Sales and Marketing brochures

Размещено: Aug 06, 2017 06:37
Hi. AllianceNext Inc. is a US based marketing and sales company headquartered in Chicago. We specialize in trading with textile machinery spare parts, globally. We are extending our sales into the Latin American market - And looking to start with Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

We have technical and sales brochures in great detail. We are exploring how they can be translated into Spanish. We'll need them in PDF. We may roughly have about 10 documents, with about 12 pages each  - so we would have about 120 pages, together with technical images. The most important requirement is the ability to convey the technical specs and descriptions in the best Spanish business language that company personnel can easily understand and follow directions to complete their technical tasks.

I'll be interested in reviewing fixed fee and / or Time and Material type of proposals.  Or maybe its a buy by the drink cost model where there is a cost for each page.

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