Need white paper on blockchain translated to Chinese

Need white paper on blockchain translated to Chinese

Размещено: Aug 07, 2017 02:15
We are looking for a quality and accurate translation of our white paper, which will be distributed and read by industry experts in the blockchain space.

Please submit a sample translation of the following:

Proof is a diverse financial asset marketplace that leverages blockchain technology to track ownership records of market participants. Within Proof, market participants are
represented by blockchain addresses which perform transactions directly between one
another by leveraging smart contracts which act as autonomous, preconditioned, escrow
accounts. Proof also produces tools for creating and deploying smart contracts, producing legal documents for blockchain-related activities, and managing blockchain-based promotions, such as Initial Coin Offerings, commonly known as ICOs.

Proof is transitioning from this curation process by implementing the Assurance Market Protocol (or “AMP”). AMP consists of built-in insurance facilitation within token smart contracts utilizing the Event Verification and Settlement standards (EVS standard) outlined in the next section. AMP also consists of a prediction market smart contract in which speculators and analysts can stake their assumptions that a token offering participant will not recoup their investment.

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