Translate Romance Novel from English to French

Translate Romance Novel from English to French

Размещено: Aug 10, 2017 03:06
I have 20+ male/male (gay) romance novels that I need translated from English into French, Spanish, and German. If you are a NATIVE speaker of any of these languages or are currently LIVING in a country where these are the primary languages, I'd love to talk. Each book is between 25-35k words in length. I'd love to find a few translators I can work with for a long time, but we'll see how that goes.

* Must have experience translating fiction (not just business or scientific/academic) writing
* Must be comfortable with some graphic 'adult' scenes. There aren't too many in each book, but there are a few that will require some detailed descriptions
* Must respond to communications in a timely manner so I can plan my releases and am aware of any issues as they arise.
* Would be great if you had a few references from other authors/clients you've worked with, but I'm willing to be flexible with someone just starting out
If you've translated books that are currently for sale, please provide links.

I will pay $20 per 1000 words translated. For example:
35k word book = $700 USD
30k word book = $600 USD   
25k word book = $500 USD

Attached is a sample scene for you to translate.

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