Experienced Chinese + English Teacher

Experienced Chinese + English Teacher

Размещено: Aug 10, 2017 03:32
We are looking for an experienced Chinese and English Teacher to help us translate our Educational children's game. The teacher should have teaching and translation experience and have access to iOS devices (iPod touch, iPhone or iPad) in order to test our games.

The game that needs translating (English Safari) is designed for Children 5-9 years old. It is currently designed for Spanish speaking children who are learning English. We would like to create a new app for Chinese speaking children who are learning English.

After the content has been translated we will need to find Voiceover talent to help us record the lines. Therefore a teacher who can help organise voiceover actors/actresses would be highly preferred. If you have experience in this please make it clear in your cover letter.

Please check out some of our applications before applying:
Spanish Safari:
English Safari:

Please specify in your cover letter any relevant experience you may have for this job. We will require 1-2 skype interviews for this position. Thank you and good luck!

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