Web dev to create a similar website to help jobseekers

Web dev to create a similar website to help jobseekers

Размещено: Aug 11, 2017 01:13
Hello webdeveloppers,

I am looking for a web developer who can make almost exactly this kind of resume / application letter generator website (with different features) but for another country:


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I want to start a new website helping people to “generate” personalised resume’s & application letters to help them have a better chance for a job interview.

 This is not new, because there is already similar kinds of websites who are offering this. But i want to make mine more specialised in specific job functions. So a lot of features will be not necessary anymore and it’s more a closed environment.

Creating a few questions for the customer (jobseeker) and filling some personal details and boom; they will get a finalised product “demo”. Without tweaking afterwards. After the jobseeker pay (payment environment) they will have it the product email or downloadable. 

Global specs of the website:

1. Choosing options 

2. Question menu

3. Generator (builder of the resume or letter) where the magic happens for producing the product. (will tell this later in details) 

4. payment system
5. super mobile friendly (Generating & ordering)

Website design style (i can provide for the looks) but this kind of website i have in mind:

 < i like the design and interface

< example of a cover letter generator and i like the menu options
https://glyph.pro > i like the design

Having this examples above, i would like to have estimation price for this project and the time. The exact details/differences of the project i will send later.



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