English to Japanese Translation: Manufacturing context

English to Japanese Translation: Manufacturing context

Размещено: Aug 11, 2017 08:30
We have a subset of texts from a software application used by manufacturers. Approximately 1300 short phrases or single words. There are a few longer sentences. The English key words are in a manufacturing context. For example 'plant' is a manufacturing facility, and 'ship' is the verb for to ship/to send.

Many terms are abbreviated and should be translated to an equivalent abbreviation in Japanese. For example, a Manufacturing Order might be abbreviated as MO.

Instructions for translating:

If any words or phrases are unclear, please ask for clarification or context.

There is a Key column which contains the value to translate. For some values in the key column, there is an English phrase in the English column. In those cases, the value in the English column should be used for translation.

Any text that is in the form '{#}' is a place holder for another value that will be added to the phrase, so all of the {#} must be kept somewhere in the translated sentence. Single quotes and placeholders such as {1} don't necessarily need to be in the same position. Whatever makes grammatical sense.

% is just a shortened character for Percent. The symbol could be spelled out into the word if it makes more sense.

rn should be preserved. These indicate a new line in the message

Underscores should be preserved.

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