Need quick Translation from German Text (28.000 signs, 4.800 words) into English

Need quick Translation from German Text (28.000 signs, 4.800 words) into English

Размещено: Aug 12, 2017 05:41
I need an English-translation for my German text "Nazi-Fetische" (see attachment). The text has been published in a german magazine. Now it's gonna be published in the Australian book "Sex positive Now". The topic is BDSM: It has to be a translator who's not offended by the topic(s); everything else is contraproductive.

I have studied in the United States at UCLA, but I'm not good enough to translate myself: My texts have a very own melody: It's not about translating word for word. I am looking for someone who is able to hear my texts' melody and translate it into English.

The deadline is: The sooner the better! Latest: Aug. 21st. My own deadline for submitting the text is Aug. 31st. Before that I still need to shorten the text to 2.000 words. Translation has to be done till Aug. 21st.

I pay VAT, and because of the VAT/bill prefer translators living in Austria. You don't come from Austria? Don't hesitate to write me your offer!

For the future I am looking for someone who can translate my newsletters before publication very quickly from german into english. (That job needs spontaneity.)

For the future I also need someone to translate my website from German into English. That's a big job with a lot of text to translate. I haven't done it so far: I hesitated because of the money. Being asked for an English book-contribution, I now take as an incentive, to get the web-translation started.

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