Norwegian - Finnish reviewer needed

Norwegian - Finnish reviewer needed

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We’re looking for someone interested in evaluation of
a quality of the translation.

Quality Assessment methodology provides a quantifiable means of measuring the quality of the translations that EasyTranslate receives from our translation partners. EasyTranslate team will use the results of this process to track and
monitor your quality and to have objective data for regular reviews.
The QA process involves inspecting a sample of the translated files.

A linguistic specialist (”an Evaluator”) looks for residual errors and classify
them according to the following categories: Accuracy, Language, Terminology, Style, Locale.
Errors are classified into three severity levels: critical, major or minor.
The quality of the translation as measured by the QA algorithm depends on two factors: (a) the number of errors found in a given sample and (b) the severity of each error.

When selecting a severity level, be as objective as possible.

The plan is to send a couple of samples to check per month with a flexible deadline. Each file won’t be longer than 1000 words and you shouldn’t spend longer than 1 hour on reviewing one text and filling in the evaluation form.

Please let me know if you would be interested in such tasks and what would be your hourly rate for it?
We would like to cooperate with linguists who have experience or feel comfortable with assessing someone else work.

Best regards,
Michalina Krogulecka
Head of Vendor Management

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