Bi-Lingual, Cantonese-English, B2B Market Researcher

Bi-Lingual, Cantonese-English, B2B Market Researcher

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Strategex, Inc. is a Chicago-based strategic consulting firm, and one of our practices is business-to-business market research. As such we have need of contractors who are interested in working with us on specific projects involving foreign-language interviewing. We are currently searching for someone who is bilingual in English and Cantonese to do some telephone interviews with companies in China, possibly starting end of September.

Our international callers work from their homes during business hours for their target countries. We provide a telephone service so there is no cost to them. Our client usually informs the target respondents that we will be contacting them, and encourages them to participate. Our interviewers call to make an appointment, conduct the interview based on a discussion guide developed by Strategex and our client, then translate the interview back into English and enter it into a Word template. We also usually have our interviewers translate the discussion guide before interviewing starts, not only so that they have a good tool to use for the interview, but also so that the client can be assured we accurately understand the issues and nuances of the industry.

These interviews are substantive, and the questions are largely open ended. The interviewer must be able to engage the respondent in conversation and probe for greater levels of detail than are initially offered. We train our contractors in our interviewing process and hope to have an ongoing relationship with them as more and more of our projects involve global companies. Because of the training aspect, we are looking for people who live near enough to Chicago to come into the office on occasion, although most project work is done from contractor’s homes.

I will be happy to talk further with anyone interested in this work, as well as to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I invite you to visit our website at [HIDDEN] to learn more about our company and the work we do.

I may be reached by email: [HIDDEN]

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