Gamers who can localize like pros, team collaboration

Gamers who can localize like pros, team collaboration

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We're a team of freelancers (localizers, SEOs, devs, testers) providing digital product localization and SEO services and working with indie devs and business owners.
Our website: [HIDDEN]

We need some new Japanese talent on our video game localization projects.
We are looking for freelance localizers who mainly focus on video games and preferably have a LinkedIn profile (you can make one, it's free) or website.

Do not send your generic application, please answer a few questions:

- What's your primary specialization?
- What's your secondary specialization?
- What types of projects/genres/clients you have strong experience with in those areas, and how much experience too?
- How many games have you localized? Fully or partially? Were those paid or pro bono projects?
- What's your LinkedIn?

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