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Alina Serota
Alina Serota
Румыния, Brasov
Обо мне
I have worked on translation and interpretation projects in a wide range of fields. You may check my website (www.traducatorchineza.ro).Translated over 6,000,000 characters from/into Chinese/Romanian/English regarding technical documentation (user’s manual, technical files, technical reports, firefighting instructions, work safety instructions, documents for customs clearance, chemical material safety data sheet etc.), legal documents (witness statements, articles of incorporation, immigration papers, sales contracts, maintenance contracts, lease contracts etc.), birth certificates/ marriage certificates/ passports / residence permit/ ID etc., invitations, marketing materials, presentations, investment plans etc.Over 7,000 hours of technical, legal, business interpreting (clients meetings; lawyer meeting; accountant meeting; training program). The only Chinese interpreter from Romania that is available for long/short project worldwide, 24/7.
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