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Нигерия, Lagos
Обо мне
My name is Blessing Uzuegbu, I am a professional Igbo Translator a 100% native Igbo speaker, Igbo being my mother tongue. I obtained my bachelor degree from University of Ibadan. I became a language service provider since June, 2015. I decided to go into language profession because of the passion I have for language and to help contribute my quota into bridging the language barrier over the world and to help preserve Igbo language from going into extinction through production of quality Igbo content translation to be used all over the world. I have worked as a main resource for lots of multilingual vendors in US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Egypt, South African, Kenya, London etc as their service provider into Igbo language. I worked in varied field of expertise such as Legal, Education, Healthcare, Medical, Media, Marketing, IT, Telecommunication etc.
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