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Melisa Laura Diaz
Melisa Laura Diaz
Аргентина, Entre Rios
Обо мне
I am a native Spanish speaker and fully proficient in English, being a qualified teacher of English as a Second Language and a professional freelance translator. I have regularly collaborated as a translator for the United Nations during the last three years, and I am an active translator in a European magazine for which I translate from English, Spanish, Italian and French into English and Spanish. Currently, I am studying a Master's degree in translation from English into Spanish, specialized in legal, financial, scientific and technical fields. I have an intermediate knowledge of French and Italian that allows me to translate from these languages, but not into them. I am responsible, committed, diligent and dependable, always looking forward to improving and learning more. You can learn more about me through my LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/melisaldiaz/
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