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Rustam Muhamad
Rustam Muhamad
Малайзия, Cyberjaya
Обо мне
Rustam Muhamad is a native Malay speaker, graduated from National University of Malaysia and has a degree in Information Technology (Industrial Computing). He has started his translation service full-time in 2016. He provides professional Translation, Transcreation and Editing services for English to Malay language and vice versa. His area of expertise includes Banking, Marketing, IT, Arts, Artwork/Illustrations, Software, ERP, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Sports, Insurance, Medical and Entertainment. Rustam has vast experience in the translation Industry. Some of his qualities are meticulous, attention to details and quality assurance. He had successfully completed ‘Successful Professional Freelance Translator’ course by Mindsoft Resources (Malay Freelance Translator).
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