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Bhandari Samjhana
Bhandari Samjhana
Непал, Kathmandu
Обо мне
As a freelancer I have fairly around 12 years of long experience in translation, localization, proofreading and some experience in interpretation. I can translate all general subjects and many technical materials depending upon the subjects. engaging as a freelancer for several projects where the main task was to facilitate the communication between two people who spoke different languages. I also have created foreign advertisements to target English and Nepali people. Nepali being my native language, along with a good grasp of English as well, I can precisely translate from English to Nepali and from Nepali to English in case of all general and many technical specific contents. I do also have a good grasp and understanding of Hindi I'll take this space to indicate that I'm very fluent in three idioms: Nepali, English, and Hindi. I possess very well understanding of Nepali, English language with enough insight of existing cultural differences.
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