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Svetlana Maksovic
Svetlana Maksovic
Сербия, Belgrade
Обо мне
I am from Serbia, but I lived and studied in several countries. I finished elementary school in Lima (Peru), secondary school in Vienna (Austria) at the French high school (lycée français de Vienne). I have a Master 2 degree in Private and Comparative Law that I graduated at the Law School in Lyon, University Jean Moulin - Lyon 3 (France) with a diploma of the Institute of Comparative Law Edouard Lambert in the areas of English, American, Spanish and German law. For many years I worked as a manager of the legal department in a French company. My translations can be found on several websites, both in Serbia and abroad. I also translated books and movies. I am fluent in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian, as well as Serbian. I love law and I love languages. That is why I would be more than happy if I can help you with your translation needs, as well as legal consulting in French Private Law.
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766 слов1 проект
Sasa Jovanovic
Sasa Jovanovic
5.169 за
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