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Amy Maneechay
Amy Maneechay
Таиланд, Bangkok
Обо мне
Hello, If you are looking for the native Thai translator to assist to help your job completely done, so I am the right one here for you. A native Thai freelancer who has been living in Bangkok for years, I initially got a bachelor degree with majoring in Marketing Management with the first class of honor. Since the life of the university, not just the Marketing field I fancy for but I am also interested in the language for example is English. So I engaged myself to take the course of English for Professions for two years, in this program, I learned how to translate English to Thai and also vice versa. After graduation, I joined to work for one of the big hypermarket stores in Thailand as a junior officer, in the Marketing and Communication Department for years. After that, I got the chance to work in the field of training and education as a coordinator and organizer, these two jobs have taught me many crucial skills. I am looking forward to being part of your success.
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Naruebet Bunrit
Naruebet Bunrit
Таиланд, Bangkok
Обо мне
German-English-Thai Technical Translator at STAR Translation & Software (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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