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Fonseca Jose
Fonseca Jose
Португалия, Lisbon
Обо мне
I am an experienced Freelance Translator (Business, Banking, Financial, IT, Software and Website Localization, General, Subtitling, etc.). I have had extensive work experience in office environments, the banking sector and service industries, giving me varied skills and the ability to work with many different types of subjects. My work experience involved a great deal of independent research, requiring initiative, self-motivation and a wide range of skills. I am a fast and accurate translator, with a keen eye for detail. TRANSLATION FIELDS I specialize in particular business sectors and have a perfect command of the associated terminology. I work in a wide variety of fields, such as: LAW & FINANCE • Deeds • Powers of attorney • Witness Statements • Letters of Request • Courts documents • Annual Reports • Audit Reports • Financial Statements • Notes to the Financial Statements • Contracts • Call for bids • Commercial letters • Investment Reports • Business Reports • Newsletters TECHNICAL AND INDUSTRIAL • Technical Manuals • Technical specifications • User Manuals • Safety Manuals • Tender documentation • Protocols • Inspections • Materials testing • Publicity and advertising MARKETING AND CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS • Powerpoint presentations • Advertising Brochures • Newsletters • General communications • Websites • Leaflets & Posters • Contracts • Catalogs • Letters & Emails • Institutional documents PERSONAL DOCUMENTS • Birth certificates • Death certificates • Diplomas • Academic transcripts • Marriage certificates • Divorce Certificates • Adoption papers • Passports • Citizenship and naturalization papers • Tax records • Insurance policies • Powers of attorney • General letters and texts MEDICAL • Medical Charts • Documents attached to medical supplies • Medical insurance documents • Informed Consent Forms • Hospital discharge papers • Scientific publications • Medical records • Hospital records • Regulations and legislation • Clinical study reports • Clinical protocols • Clinical Trials • Medical reports • Scientific research • Test and analysis results
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