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Linnea Ahlgren
Linnea Ahlgren
Швеция, Uppsala
Обо мне
A passionate and thorough freelance translator, editor and writer, I am well-versed in a variety of subjects. Beyond the continuous employment listed on my CV, I have performed individual translation tasks for among others the Rybakov Foundation, Holistic Healing, private correspondence and creative projects as well as more technical documentation. A native Swedish speaker with near native level of English, I am highly proficient in Russian and have a good working knowledge of Greek. I am also a travelling yoga and meditation teacher with a great interest in the intersection of wellbeing and technology, and the effect these practices have on our nervous system. I am highly organised, adaptable and self-sufficient with a great attention to detail. I love both the flow and the detective work of translation and am highly receptive to each client's specific wishes.
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