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Andre Moreira

232 слова

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Письменный перевод

Английский  — Португальский Родной язык
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Переписка Документы и сертификаты Образование Художественная литература Игры Инструкции Договоры и отчеты

Личные данные

Япония, 11:42
Родной язык
Опыт работы
8 лет 4 месяца
Обо мне
Born in the Portuguese countryside in 1990, I've been living in Japan since 2012.

After finishing my Computer Engineering University Course in Lisbon, Portugal, I decided to study Japanese in Tokyo, with the purpose of continuing my studies there. After one year of studying of the language, I entered a Japanese Professional College where I finished my study in 2015. I am now working in a videogame Japanese company as Motion Designer.

I also wri...