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Турция, Bursa, 16:32
Родной язык
Опыт работы
14 лет 8 месяцев
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English-Turkish in-house translator in public sector between 2006-2008 and 2010-2019 / a freelance translator since 2008.


İstanbul Üniversitesi

  • 2004
  • Турция
  • Mütercim Tercümanlık İngilizce

Опыт работы

Freelance Translator в Referans Translation Services
с 2020 по 2020
Translating a product catalogue of an American company which sells electronic brake assemblies to trailer, bus, truck producers and a drug brochure from English to Turkish on Trados Studio 2015, translating terms and conditions of an Israel-based wearable artificial visual impairment device, Code of Ethics of an Israel-based company which produces fertilizers, metals and other chemical products from English to Turkish on Memoq Webtrans web-based translation tool.
Freelance Translator в NR Translation Services
с 2020 по 2020
Translating manuals of circuit breakers, power monitoring devices, fire suppression devices, ventilation systems, CRM applications (Customer Relation Management), COVID-19 safety training presentations from English to Turkish on Smartcat.
Freelance Translator в Transcom Translation Services
с 2020 по 2020
Translating patent application documents, which shall be sent to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for approval, from English to Turkish.
In-house Translator в Bursa Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency Management
с 2010 по 2019
Translating technical agreement made with Japanese volunteer. Giving consecutive translation support to Japanese volunteer in every matter during her stay in Bursa, performing consecutive translation at introductory meetings held for CBRN detection devices by defense industry representatives coming from France and United Kingdom, showing around at Bursa Disaster Training Center and performing consecutive translation for adult and student groups coming from Japan, Germany and Balkans.
Freelance Translator в Turkland Translations
с 2010 по 2012
Translating technical manuals of world's leading brands such as SONY, HP, Lenovo, Silkroad on Trados 2006, EU documents relating to "Combating Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities", PC games for gaming software companies located at countries like Canada.
Freelance Translator в Ihtisas Translation Office
с 2008 по 2010
Translating documents, which require notary approval, such as identity cards, passports, diplomas, discharge certificates, employment statements, CE certifications, introductory meetings of brands, board meeting minutes, feasibility reports, laboratory sample analysis, health certificates.
In-house Translator в General Directorate of Turkish Grain Board
с 2006 по 2008
Translating UN reports, following correspondings and faxes relating to exported products at Poppy and Alkaloid Affairs Department, performing consecutive translation on poppy, which is raw material of drugs used in medical sector and processed in Turkish Grain Board's Alkaloid Factory in Afyon Province, for foreign committee members coming to Ankara within the scope of EU, showing committee members Ankara's tourist attractions, such as Ankara Castle, museums, mosques, souvenir shops.


Hukuki Çeviri

  • 2020

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