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  • Английский (Канада)

Искусство Документы и сертификаты Образование Экономика Художественная литература Еда и напитки Общая тематика

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Английский  —
  • Английский (США)
  • Английский (Канада)
  • Румынский (Румыния) Родной язык

Личные данные

Канада, Toronto, 12:44
Родной язык
Румынский (Румыния)
Опыт работы
21 год 6 месяцев
Обо мне
I have been working in the language industry since 1999 and I have become proficient in a variety of language skills and combinations, from lexicography to video content subtitling. Same passion as on day one, nurtured every day along the way.


University of Pitesti, Faculty of Theology, History, Letters and Art (French/English)

  • 2000
  • Румыния
  • Бакалавр
  • French language and literature, minor in English language and literature

Опыт работы

Freelance lexicographer, dictionary database creator в Wordreference
с 2015 по настоящее время
Online English-Romanian dictionary - dictionary compilation and editing* Vocabulary/grammar forums moderator
Freelance subtitler and QC в SDI Media US
с 2008 по настоящее время
Daily deliverables ranging anywhere from history to cooking shows, to TV series, anime and documentaries, features and trailers (Netflix, Sony, Animal Planet, History Channel, Food Network etc.)I am also doing QC work, spotting, editing, file reformatting (offsets/reversions) * Glossary creation * Review terminology, spelling, grammar, omissions, syntax
Freelance French > English Translator/ Linguistic QA в Center for Education and Training
с 2016 по 2019
Translation/ review - English into French and Romanian (charitable organizations posters and websites, implementation of recycling programs, psychological questionnaires etc.)
Freelance translator and reviewer в SDL UK
с 2010 по 2019
Spanish-English medical translations Medical insurance claims, patient case reports, clinical research, surgical procedures, package inserts and labels, informed consent forms, clinical protocols and trials, pharmaceutical materials, health care dossiers, hospital discharge papers
French> English, English > Romanian Translator and interpreter - medical/legal (Eng/Fr/Rom) в Able Translations Ltd.
с 2009 по 2017
Interpreter in medical offices (orthopedic surgery assessments/ medical appointments) and in law offices (litigation/insurances/collision settlement
Translator and interpreter в Freelance translator authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice
с 2002 по 2007
Working as a freelance French/English/Romanian licensed translator in any language pair combination Language instructor Avalon Media, Delcom, Cefin Romaniam SRL, Deltraceles, Itranslations Group, Translate
Language Instructor and Culture Facilitator в Peace Corps US
с 1999 по 2003
Teaching Romanian to American volunteers - speaking practice assignments, communications skills, intercultural competence, language proficiency testing
Junior teaching assistant в University of Pitesti, English Department, Chair of Roman Languages
с 2000 по 2001
Teaching French and English to university students who majored in a different field other than linguistics (biology/horticulture/engineering/business&marketing)


Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English

  • 2000

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Prague Scholarship Exchange Program

  • 1999

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