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  • SL
    Sofía Lecot,  Go Global Consulting
    РедактураАнглийский (Соединенное Королевство) > Турецкий
    Общая тематика

    18 июн'20

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  • Gustavo Ribone,  Responsive Translation Services
    ПереводАнглийский > Турецкий

    Editor's Feedback: Register, subject-verb inconsistencies, omissions, meaning errors. The whole file is pasted to Google Translate and post-edited improperly. The translator should either quit using Google Translate or post-edit properly if he/she wishes to do so. The target text does not sound natural at all, and all the MT mistakes are still in the target segments. For example, in one segment, the word Perceptyx was missing. When I pasted the source sentence to Google translate, it prompted me the same sentence in the target segment with Perceptyx missing. The same thing happened for different errors more than 20-25 times. Almost, all the long sentences were translated with mistakes. For example, the 68th segment is a copy-paste translation from Google translate and meaning is simply not there. In shorter sentences, there are fewer errors just because the MT is more successful at those.

    5 дек'19

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  • ОП
    Ольга Переводова,  Бюро переводов Zippy
    ПереводАнглийский > Турецкий

    12 сен'19

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Личные данные

Турция, İstanbul, 19:33
Родной язык
Опыт работы
3 года 7 месяцев
Обо мне
I'm an ambitious person who likes research and learning about new things. This aspect of my personality aids in my progression in the translation field.
I particularly enjoy medical documents.


Yeditepe University

  • Турция
  • Translation and Interpreting Studies

Опыт работы

Intern в Strater
с 2018 по 2018
I've translated many documents and performed proof reads. I aided in the productions of the final drafts which were then verified by my superiors and considered finished.


Translation Project

  • 2018

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