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Jonathan Cohen

Письменный перевод

Английский  —
  • Английский (США)
  • Английский (Соединенное Королевство)
  • Французский (Канада) Родной язык
  • Французский (Франция)
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Общая тематика

Личные данные

Канада, montreal, 04:46
Родной язык
Французский (Канада)
Опыт работы
9 лет 9 месяцев
Обо мне
•	Certified translator with over 8 years translation experience for corporate, boutique and private clients
•	Multilingual, reliable translation expert with track record for high-quality, accurate timely projects 
•	Talented public relations copywriter, published in magazines, newspapers for clients in multiple industries
•	Areas of expertise include translation of marketing, legal, technical and medical documents among others
•	Other related ski...


Concordia Univversity

  • 2007
  • Канада
  • Магистр
  • Communications

Опыт работы

Translator в Cabbage & King Translation
с 2010 по настоящее время
 Multilingual document translation in technical fields for (English, French, Hebrew, Spanish) language pairs;  Translating technical contracts for product and machinery specifications, instruction manuals etc.;  Managing corporate clientele of over 500 international clients, most of them return clients;  Researching technical industry specific terminology to ensure correct translation of sensitive documents;  Liaising with multiple clients / project managers to discuss specific terminology,


Translation portfolio

  • 2016

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