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Leonardo Graterol

188 слов

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Письменный перевод

Английский  —
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  • Английский (Соединенное Королевство)
  • Английский (Австралия)
  • Английский (Канада)
  • Английский (Новая Зеландия)
  • Английский (Ирландия)
Испанский Родной язык
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Личные данные

Испания, Málaga, 00:55
Родной язык
Опыт работы
15 лет 4 месяца
Обо мне
This short description, a simple overview, is based on my personal experience on languages. Without discrediting those language lovers that lack a formal education, the one who writes these lines spent more than five years studying languages at a university level (translation, interpretation and teaching), and has been working with languages for nearly a decade. It may sound silly, but I am a man in love with languages who found in  them a beauti...


Universidad Central de Venezuela

  • 2010
  • Венесуэла
  • Бакалавр
  • Translator and Interpreter

Опыт работы

English Teacher в Summit Institute
с 2005 по 2020
I have been in charge of teaching young adults and adults the different skills of the English language. My main teaching field is the preparation for the official assessment exams that grant entry to the American university system (SAT, ACT, TOEIC, TOEFL) as well as other official certificates such as the Cambridge and Trinity certificates.
Translation Project Manager в ALBA Cultural Fund
с 2008 по 2011
I was in charge of translation and interpretation projects for the West Indies. This company was involved in the development of cultural projects around West Caribbean Islands.



  • 2006

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