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Maria Virginia Castro

201 тыс слов
27 проектов

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Косметика Мода Еда и напитки ИТ и телеком Здравоохранение Инструкции Маркетинг, реклама, PR

Личные данные

Аргентина, 16:04
Родной язык
Опыт работы
7 лет 4 месяца
Обо мне
I'm a freelance translator from Argentina, with more than 7 years of experience working in the IT/Medical field.  Recently, I have also finished a translation course, via AulaSic, on Gastronomy , which is one of my passions. At the moment I am attending an online course on Nutrition so as to broaden my knowledge and specialize even more in the areas I am interested in.
There are other areas that interest me a lot such as: health & parenting, well...


Instituto Superior Pago de los Arroyos (now Instituto Belgrano)

  • 2015
  • Аргентина
  • Специалист
  • Literary, Public, Technical and Scientific English Translator

Опыт работы

English to Spanish translator в Philips, My Language Connection, Terra Translations, Moma Translations, Telelingua.
с 2013 по настоящее время