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Arina Maslennikova
Arina Maslennikova
Обо мне
Я ещё и фотограф Oon kuvaaja sit kanssa
1.234 за
Lilja Vedeneeva
Lilja Vedeneeva
Финляндия, Tampere
Обо мне
I am fully bilingual in both Finnish and Russian; in addition, I have excellent English skills due to my high school studies. I was born in Russia, but lived most of my life in Finland. Translation degree with bilingualism enables me to provide high-quality translations in both directions, since my Russian and Finnish skills are at the same level. In addition, I have very strong cultural understanding about both countries, Russia and Finland, which is undeniably a great advantage in translation work. I have been practicing translation nearly 10 years for large number of Finnish and European companies and translation agencies. At the moment, I'm running a small business providing high-quality language and GIS services. I have access to the latest professional translation technology (SDL Trados Studio, ABBYY Lingvo X6 Multilingual Professional, MOT dictionary of technical terms). My specialization areas are: legal, journalism, tourism, marketing, websites, mobile apps and beauty sector. As a freelancer, I am responsible, detail-oriented and strict in deadlines. I provide reliable and professional human translations with careful research into the topic. I am a perfectionist in everything that I start, so high quality of translation is the main factor in my work. My professional experience tied with my educational and multilingual background makes me a perfect candidate for all your translation needs. I am looking forward to working with you and deliver results that exceed your expectations.
7.362 за
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