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  • Gustavo Ribone,  Responsive Translation
    ПереводАнглийский > Испанский (Мексика)

    Editor's feedback: Overall translation quality was ok. Many changes were made to increase naturalness and polish style. Some translations were not exactly faithful to the source (I am satisfied/Me siento conforme) and there were some inconsistencies (metas profesionales/metas de mi carrera). Some literal translations, such as "need to" translated as "necesitar", "tomar la encuesta". TB was not always followed (environment). Formal treatment with "usted" was not consistent. There was lack of parallelism in lists of options. An instance of mistranslation in particular, "salario para llevar a casa", shows a lack of basic research. As for grammar, there were some mistakes with transitive verbs having no mandatory direct complement.

    12 сен'19

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  • CT
    Crisol Translations,  Crisol Translation Services
    ПереводАнглийский > Испанский

    Maria delivered an impeccable translation in a record time and we are very happy with the result. We would highly recommend her for English-Spanish translations (both for Latin America and Spain), especially in the Marketing, IT and Health Care areas.

    12 дек'18

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Личные данные

Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии, London, 01:17
Родной язык
Испанский (Аргентина)
Опыт работы
9 лет 6 месяцев
Обо мне
I'm a professional English<>Spanish translator with over 7 years of experience. I am relatively new to SmartCat but I have translated almost 2 million words since I started my career. I also do editing and copywriting. Look me up on LinkedIn to know more details about my experience and knowledge.


National University of Cordoba

  • 2016
  • Аргентина
  • English Translation and Interpreting

International Career Institute

  • 2016
  • Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии
  • Бакалавр
  • Medical Secretary Certificate

Опыт работы

Lead Editor (Spanish) в Quill Content
с 2018 по настоящее время
Lead Editor for the Argentine market. Currently working on one project (30 blog articles) for a major international tourism company specialised in hotel experienc, and on another project (300 hotel descriptions) for another major player in the tourism industry.
Remote English > Spanish Translator and Proofreader в Jimdo
с 2018 по настоящее время
English>Spanish Translator for UX, Website and Marketing. My responsibilities include: -Translating and proofreading texts within the company’s websites and mobile applications for a Spanish speaking audience. -Translating and proofreading blog posts, UX and newsletter communications for Spanish-speaking customers. -Translating content f
Spanish Transcriber в RWS Moravia
с 2017 по настоящее время
My duties include: . Working on songs in my native speaker fluency language · Ensuring that deliverables are aligned verbatim with audio · Transcribing in compliance with style guides · Performing overall linguistic quality checking across transcriptions · Attending weekly and/or monthly linguistic calls, if requested, with the content validator to discuss the projects
Operations Manager в Crisol Translation Services
с 2016 по настоящее время
In November 2016, I joined efforts with three of my best friends and colleagues, and we founded Crisol Translation Services, a company based on collaborative work. Our main goal (which we have been successfully meeting!) is delivering top-quality linguistic work while maintaining high-productivity. We make both our clients and our freelance professional collaborators feel listened to, valued, and in safe hands. And we love sharing fun stuff on social media!
Freelance Translator в Freelance Translator
с 2011 по настоящее время
I have worked/currently work for clients such as Nike, Uber, the US Armed Forces, The World Bank, Medtronic, Johnson&Johnson, among others. I specialise in Marketing and Medical translation. My major clients are located in the United Kingdom, South Africa, the United States, and Argentina. They include Multilingual Language Service Providers, companies, and private individual clients.
Lead Linguistic Reviewer в Nike (Employed by SumaLatam Language & Synergy)
с 2017 по 2018
-Lead English>Spanish Reviewer/Editor for all Nike's marketing and editorial content published in Argentina. I occasionally help out with the linguistic revision for other Latin American locales such as Chile, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. -In charge of quality assessment, quality assurance, terminology and glossary maintenance, style guide design and updating, quality calls with translators, and some translator training.
Social Media and Content Manager в Government of Cordoba, Argentina (Employed by Gustavo Córdoba y Asociados)
с 2016 по 2016
Second job at my legal employer for this position (Gustavo Córdoba y Asociados), as I came back to work for them after living abroad for 16 months. I was employed to manage social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) for several politicians from Córdoba, Argentina.
Sales Team Manager в The Times and The Sunday Times (Employed by Interact Cc. Ltd)
с 2015 по 2016
I was in charge of: -Supervising agents -Checking attendance -Producing daily plans of action to reach targets -Preparing reports -Working in conjunction with other team leaders and operation managers -Coaching agents on quality and sale strategies -Quality monitoring -Speaking with customers -Subscribing customers to different membership options -Training and coaching -Monitoring agents' performance and conversion rates


Translation of Retro Digital's Website:

  • 2018

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документ Translation of Retro Digital's Website:

Translation and Proofreading of Jimdo's Website:

  • 2018

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документ Translation and Proofreading of Jimdo's Website:

Lead Editing of Nike's website for Argentina:

  • 2017

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документ Lead Editing of Nike's website for Argentina: