Translate strings of software to Dutch

Translate strings of software to Dutch

Размещено: Aug 02, 2017 05:08
Hi, it's David - we run a SaaS software for web designers and digital agencies.

We would like to translate a few strings (about 250 sentences) to Dutch such that our software will be translated to Dutch.

Willing to take offers for this translation. Please quote price per word or bulk price for complete job.

Sample strings:
002 : A user with this email already exists on this
004 : No email?! How can we communicate if you email is empty?
005 : That doesn't look like a valid email address format :/
008 : Invalid login / password combination - are you sure everything is ok?
009 : Your account has not been activated - please check your email
010 : Ooops - user not found! Maybe you should Sign Up first? ;-)
DEFAULT : Ooops - something's gone wrong. Please reload page or contact us by email <a target='_blank' href=''></a>
MAINTENANCE : Coffee break. DudeBeeWits is down for maintenance or something went wrong. Time to chillax!

Thanks in advance.


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