Small website Portugese translation needed

Small website Portugese translation needed

Размещено: Aug 02, 2017 11:49
Need help of native Portugese speaker to translate a small website.
There's no long-read posts, no long texts - only the button labels, short headers and couple of short app descriptions.

Work amount:
Translation nodes (frazes): 145
English text total chars count: 3233

Recommended workflow:

1. Upload the attached file messages.en.xliff here:

2. Translate strings (please keep the special sequences like '&lt' in place)

3. Press the download button to save the result file and send it back.


Which strings have to be translated?

The ones that are editable in the interface are to be translated.
For example 'addvid_form.add_video' is just a key, it's not possible to translate it in the interface.
'This is the header of the add youtube video form' is a note explaining the meaning and the context of this fraze. You can't translate it in the interface.
And finally 'Add Video' is editable field, and this field is to be translated

And what is ‘nick’ in that site, is it nick name?

Yes, nick is a nickname, just a pseudonym the gamer uses instead of the real name.

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