Need help translating four documents in French to English

Need help translating four documents in French to English

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I need four documents (diplomas and grade/exam documents, 6 pages in total) to be translated from French to English. Every word should be translated from French to English (i.e. the name of the school at the top, the sentence under the school logo, the addresses, etc.). Those translations will be used by USCIS and they can be very picky about documents in a language other than English.

Below are the requirements:

On a plain piece of white paper, type an English translation of the document.  Although the translated document does not need to be formatted identically, it is helpful to place the translated text, when possible, in generally the same location on the page.  Once you have finished the English version insert the below “Certification by Translator” language at the bottom of the page and make the appropriate updates as indicated by the brackets [ ] (it is advisable to ensure this certification appears on the same page as the translated text.):

Certification by Translator

I, [Insert name of translator here],  certify that I am fluent in the English and French languages, and that the above document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled: [Insert the name of the document here].



[Insert translator name here]

[Insert translator address here]

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