English to Greek Translation

English to Greek Translation

Размещено: Aug 03, 2017 08:50
A 5-8 hour job for the right person. Its already been translated to Portuguese, Italian, Thai, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Telugu, Finnish, Chinese, Hungarian, Portuguese and Turkish. The texts (the template) will be used in 2-3 (yes; two or three) different but similar type of e-books in the e-pub format. Part of the job is to *verify that the end-result* in the e-books is 100% correct, not just the text itself. All files must be delivered in UTF-8 encoding with their names unchanged.

See a more detailed instruction at http://translate.truthbetoldministry.net/. Be sure you have looked through *all* the files in english.zip. If a file has been forgotten it will be added later. This is *no easy task for the untrained* as it is demanding on your skills both translation-wise and technical. Make sure you have understood *all* of the requirements before you apply!!  Using Dropbox for this job is voluntary and not a requirement.

We've added an epub-file as an example of the english translation for comparison and help.

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