SEM AdCopy Creation for Hebrew Ongoing Collaboration

SEM AdCopy Creation for Hebrew Ongoing Collaboration

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We are looking for language vendors with SEM knowledge for Hebrew, ideally having worked on SEM projects in the past and/or showing an understanding of the general requirements of SEM projects (i.e. types of keywords, how Google ads work and the general aim of SEM for companies seeking higher clickthrough rates). Said resources may be SEM experts or linguists generally keen on working on such projects and understanding the clients' needs when it comes to them.

Most of our clients' SEM projects require for the vendors working on them to create base keywords from destination or hotel names, to assess their ambiguity and to provide a headline for the corresponding advertisement the client will display when the users search these keywords.
Other projects may include different components/tasks, albeit generally with a similar aim to attract the most clicks and to ensure the accuracy and non-ambiguity of the keywords and advertisement headlines provided.

This will be based on a per hour rate in USD.

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We offer to our customers a comprehensive range of localization and linguistic services.

Please send your CV in case of interest.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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