Chinese-to-English Translation - Large Volume - Tight Schedule

Chinese-to-English Translation - Large Volume - Tight Schedule

Размещено: Aug 05, 2017 01:21
We will be engaged in a large translation project about the construction of a railway in Asia, translating from English into 4 European languages. When we saw a sample of the English text (attached), we realized it was a sub-standard translation done by non-native English speakers.  When we pointed this out to the client, they wanted us to take care of re-translating the Chinese text into native quality English (on a rush basis, of course).

The translation will have some technical aspects, but there will also be non-technical portions about the history of the railway industry in various countries, political/cultural perspectives, etc.

If you read (simplified) Chinese fluently, are a native speaker of English, have had several years experience translating Chinese into English on a professional basis without using machine translation software, and are available to take on part of the project, please apply. Because of the volume of work (2 million Chinese characters) and rush nature of the project, we will need several translators.

To apply, please answer the following questions and send us some samples of your completed translations into English. Also, please include a cover letter explaining why we should hire you over the other applicants (especially the degree/level to which you can read Chinese).

Lastly, please not that the amount indicated in this post is not the true amount. I just had to put in some kind of amount in order to complete the job posting. Payment will be based on the actual amount of Chinese characters you translate into English.

Looking forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible. (We need a reply by midnight August 6 New York (East Coast) time)

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