Chinese (Mandarin) native speaker needed for technical website translations

Chinese (Mandarin) native speaker needed for technical website translations

Размещено: Aug 08, 2017 02:36
We're a software company launching an international version of our website. Our company, Symless, helps people combine their digital devices together into one cohesive experience. Our product, Synergy, allows our users to share one mouse and one keyboard between multiple computers. Our users range from graphical artists to IT sysadmins.

To aid with our international marketing strategy, we need a native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker to translate our website via the CrowdIn localisation platform. Rather than using literal translations, we need you to localise the content to make it sound appealing to our Chinese customers. You’ll need to think outside the box and be on point with technical translations while being creative at the same time. Ideally, your translations are also keyword optimised to help our overall Chinese SEO strategy.

In total, there are 208 strings to translate. Ideally, we’d expect all translations to be done by Monday, August, 14th.

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