Mexican Translator for a Social Bingo Game

Mexican Translator for a Social Bingo Game

Размещено: Aug 09, 2017 02:35

My name is Carolina and I work for a game development company based in Brazil. We proudly have three social games inside Facebook/GameRoom called Praia Bingo, Video Bingo and Casino Magic.

→ Praia Bingo and Video Bingo were both initially launched in Portuguese and now got translated to other seventeen languages.
→ Casino Magic is a social casino game inspired by the nightlife style, translated for twenty two languages.

We need a native Mexican to translate our contents inside the games from European Spanish and sometimes from English (you can also have the reference of Portuguese if it helps).

The keywords are related to Bingo, Slots and Casino games, and the tone of the translation should be close, informal and friendly.

To give you a better idea of the content we produce, please take a look at our games:
▸ Praia Bingo:
▸ Video Bingo:
▸ Casino Magic:

I shall wait for you contact (please remember to send your proposal!)

Carolina Cozer

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