Translation from French to German

Translation from French to German

Размещено: Aug 09, 2017 05:21

I need someone who's talking French and German regularly to translate a few sentences from French to German for the clients of my website, which is actually in French and needs to be translated in German.

There is no technical terms or anything like that. It's simple language. But it has to be perfect German speaking, otherwise my future German clients will not trust us.

To start, I would like you to translate these simple sentences for a Facebook Ad : "Dites "OUI" en commentaire si vous aimeriez acheter ce verre, et partagez (cette photo) avec vos amis qui l'aimeront aussi !" and "Vous le voulez ? Tapez "OUI""

Then, if your translation is validated by my German clients, I will hire you for the entire website translations.

Thank you very much,


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