English into Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovakian, Romanian – gaming translations

English into Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovakian, Romanian – gaming translations

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my name is Paola Tarocchi and I'm Global Resource Manager at Keywords Studios - [HIDDEN] - one of the leading international technical service provider to the global Video Game Industry with studios in Dublin, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Montreal, New Delhi, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei.
We are urgently looking for freelance translators and reviewers for Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Slovakian gaming translations.

If you are interested, please send us your resume in English, providing as much information as possible regarding your experience in legal translation. Please make sure your resume shows us that you meet the following basic requirements:
• Native language fluency of English
• Extensive knowledge of target language
• University degree or equivalent professional experience in translation field
• Minimum 2 years of localization proven experience as translator and or reviewer
• Gaming localisation expertise and/or avid passion for Keywords core business
• Computer skills (experience with translation tools and TM/Terminology management)

Experience in MMO and AAA games will be fast tracked.
Please send you resume to: [HIDDEN]

Best Regards
Paola Tarocchi

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